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Datec Ltda.

We started our activities in 1999 and since then we have been working to fulfill our mission "To provide technology to our customers, our country and the world". We started as wholesalers, later (2004) the Corporate Division was born in Alliance with IBM and Lenovo, from then on there were transcendental changes for us, we created the department of Services and Projects, the Business Development division hand in hand with SAP, we incorporated new brands, we launched the first Bolivian Cloud dCloud; in 2018 our business unit dFinance was born to offer the market, new financing alternatives with the objective that they can acquire the technological equipment they need, without affecting their cash flow. We have always been spearheading to bring the best technology that makes our customers more efficient entities and make our country go shortening the technological gap with the rest of the world.


  # 213 Calle Velasco Piso 24
Cruz , Bolivia, Plurinational State of





# 213 Calle Velasco Piso 24
Cruz, Bolivia, Plurinational State of
Phone: 33151100