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MITE3 Cybersecurity

At MITE3 Cybersecurity we aim to have a maximum secure working environment in and with the cloud and we help both small and large organizations to discover and remediate their vulnerabilities and risks. Thanks to our experience and strong certifications, we are able to offer quality. And with the in-depth knowledge of our profession, we are able help you efficiently and effectively with your question. That is why you get exactly what you need and we can do our job with love.

  +31 85 0290 572

  Paxtonstraat 3N Unit C1997 Unit C1997
Zwolle , 8013 RP Netherlands





Paxtonstraat 3N Unit C1997 Unit C1997
Zwolle, 8013 RP Netherlands
Phone: +31 85 0290 572



SecurityScorecard™ helps you gain insight into your Cybersecurity risks to keep your organization safe. This solution aids in understanding the security of your suppliers and partners and can also assist in obtaining or providing Cyber Insurance.




One of the Netherland's largest online retailers.


Apax Partners

A UK based Private Equity firm.